Dont miss your opportunity to see the FlexAray Line in 2014

FlexAray™ is a revolutionary family of stage and studio LED luminaires that is available in RGBaW, Variable White, and Static White.


FlexAray™ stands out from the competition through some of its key features including the unique patent pending hexagonal shape allows the fixture to be interconnected with other FlexAray™ LED fixtures. The RGBAW LED fixture not only achieves beautiful saturated colors, but it can also produce earth tones and pastel colors that are rarely achieved by LEDs. The Variable White LED fixtures have an unbelievable color temperature range of 2600K-6000K, making it extremely versatile. The Static White LED fixtures are available in 3200K*, 4400K*, and 5600K* can be used to replace traditional tungsten and HMI lighting for use in film, television, events, studios, and photography applications.


FlexAray™ has multiple DMX modes including both 8-bit and 16-bit resolutions with up to 100 user-programmable color memory locations and 80 user-selectable combinations of fade and/or bump timing. The inclusion of an optional internal LumenRadio™ DMX receiver and antenna provides FlexAray™ with its wireless DMX capability. The innovative FlexRate™ features allow for user-controlled DMX frequency ratings which create a flicker free light up to 2500fps.

For rental or purchase information:

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